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Heroin Detox Facts

Posted on 26 September 2012 by ioadmin12 (0)

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Before getting enrolled into a detox center for heroin it becomes important to know the scope of their program. This will provide you will crucial information about how the program is going to be of assistance to the addict. Most centers aim for complete recovery of the patient. Heroin treatment is believed to be complete only after the patient stops taking the substance completely. Though, in many parts of the world heroin treatment implies reducing the drug dependency to a level that is considered safe.

Although it is difficult to pull out a person completely from heroin addiction, most detox centers for heroin diligently adopt various methods to reach their objective.


Though there are many detox center for heroin not every center will have the caliber to satisfy every patients needs. Several problems could occur in the way as every treatment program adopts a different practice. Every program will have a different mode and belief of implementation. Therefore what goes well with one might not go down well with another. Similarly, facilities provided by one treatment center may not be offered by the other. For this reason you must take your decision cautiously before getting a patient enrolled into a treatment center.


A treatment center that you are taking into account must have a valid license for treating heroin addicts. But only having a license is not good enough because heroin treatment follows a different mode of action on the human body and since the treatment follows a completely different routine, having a special license for treating heroin addicts is important. Also check whether the specialists at the center hold a valid license. They must possess the necessary qualification through an established or recognized addiction medicine society or body.

It is also important to have well-experienced treatment providers for providing treatment for addiction treatment, for heroin affect on the body is of a different kind it immunizes the addicts nervous system by accepting the drug and demanding for the same repeatedly. Several delicate points will emerge while proceeding with the treatment. In case the professionals at the center are not well-versed with the nuances, it can lead to dire consequences.

Also see if the center is accredited, accreditation will ensure that the treatment offered is accepted well even in the outer sphere. You may also check for the number of affiliates the treatment center possesses.

Comparing methadone and buprenorphine treatment

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both help a person overcome craving for heroin. Therefore both these medications are called as maintenance treatment and widely used in heroin addiction treatment.

The difference lies in its intensity, methadone acts strongly; buprenorphine on the other hand causes a slow impact. Methadone being a highly addictive drug can cause addiction of the same in case of negligence. So be sure that the treatment provider is efficient enough for providing methadone treatment. Buprenorphine on the other hand is less addictive and therefore is the most preferred drug though it is relatively new to heroin treatment programs.

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